• LBDR Transfer Registrar

    Who is the "LBDR Transfer" Registrar?

    The "LBDR Transfer" Registrar is NOT a registrar. It is a temporary domain quarantine managed by the LBDR for domains that DO NOT have a Registrar.


    The "LBDR Transfer" Registrar functionality is limited to the validation of legacy domains' Registrant contact details, being the Registrant Organization and the name and contact details of the official representative of the Registrant Organization.The service is provided as part of the workflow of transferring the domain to a new Registrar.


    The "LBDR Transfer" Registrar cannot update and/or renew the registration of domains.

    What should I do if the Registrar of my domain is "LBDR Transfer"?

    You should select a new Registrar (see I don't have a Registrar)