The following words and expressions shall have the following meanings, unless the context requires otherwise:

Applicable Law

means the laws of the Republic of Lebanon

Authorized Zones (or “Zones”)

means the zones for which the Registrar is authorized to provide Registrar Services.

Business Day

means Monday to Friday except for days which are public holidays in Lebanon

Calendar Day

means any day of the week, including weekends. 

Customer (including “Client”)

means the customer of a Registrar who applied via the Registrar for the registration of a domain name in the Registry System.


means the Domain Name System as defined in RFCs 799, 1034, 1035 and other related RFCs.  

Domain Allocation Period

means the period the domain name was allocated for the use of the Customer who made the purchase and consequently became the Domain Name Registrant. This period can last anywhere from one year to ten years, depending on what option the Registrant selected during the purchasing process. The registrant never ‘owns’ the domain, it is just registered to that user for the Domain Allocation Period.


means the Extensible Provisioning Protocol as defined in RFCs 5730 to 5735 and other related RFCs.

Intellectual Property

means all patents, copyright, trademarks, service marks, registered designs (and all registrations, applications, disclosures, renewals, extensions, continuations or reissues for any of the foregoing), unregistered design rights, trade and business names and other similar protected rights or intangible assets recognised by laws or international conventions in any country or jurisdictions in the world whether now known or which may exist in the future.

LBDR Accredited Registrar

means a domain name service provider meeting the minimum technical and financial requirements set by the LBDR and entered in Registry-Registrar Agreement with the LBDR for the performance of Registrar Services under the .lb ccTLD.

.lb ccTLD (including “TLD”)

means the .lb top-level domain(s) of the DNS.

LBDR (including “Registry”)

means the function of the LBDR dedicated to the management of the .lb ccTLD

LBDR Policies (including “LBDR Domain Name Registration Policy and Procedures”)

means the domain name registration policy issued by the LBDR, as amended from time to time. Such policies include the policies and regulations issued by the LBDR in relation to the administration, operation and management of the Registry System and domain registrations.

LBDR Registry System (including “Registry System” and “System”)

means the multiple registrar systems operated by the LBDR to manage and store Registered Names in the registry TLD.

Person (including “Contact Person”)

means any individual, corporate body or governmental authority.

Personal Data

means data about identified or identifiable natural person.

Registered Name

means a domain name registered within the LBDR Registry System.


means the holder of a Registered Name. The registrant never ‘owns’ the domain, it is just registered to that user for the Domain Allocation Period.

Registrant Contractual Agreement

means the registration agreement to be entered into between the Registrar and a Registrant or Customer or Registrant (as applicable) for the procurement of Registrar Services.

Registrar Services

means the services to be provided by the Registrar in accordance with the terms of the LBDR Registry-Registrar Agreement, including without limitation (i) contracting with a Registrant or Customer and/or Registrant, collecting registration data about the Customer and/or Registrant, submitting registration information for entry in the Registry System database; (ii) all relevant services relating to Registered Names --- registration, cancellation, deletion, renewal, update and transfer; and (iii) any other services otherwise required by the LBDR Policies, as amended from time to time.

Restricted Amendment

means an amendment of the LBDR Policies which does not materially impact the costs of providing Registrar Services and/or the scope of the Registrar’ Services under the Registry-Registrar Agreement. Restricted Amendments may include, without limitation, amendments relating to --- principles for allocation of Registered Names in the .lb ccTLD (e.g., first-come/first-served, timely renewal, holding period after expiration); prohibitions on warehousing, auctioning, reselling of or speculation in Domain Names by registrars; reservation of Domain Names in the .lb ccTLD that may not be registered initially or that may not be renewed due to reasons reasonably related to (i) avoidance of confusion among or misleading of users, (ii) Intellectual property, or (iii) the technical management of the DNS; maintenance of and access to accurate and up-to-date information concerning Registered Names and name servers; procedures to avoid disruptions of Domain Name registrations due to suspension or termination of operations by the LBDR or a registrar, including procedures for allocation of responsibility among continuing registrars of the Registered Names sponsored in the .lb ccTLD by a registrar losing Accreditation; and the transfer of registration data upon a change in registrar sponsoring one or more Registered Names.


means Request(s) for Comment.


A Registered Name is “sponsored” by the registrar that placed the record associated with that registration into the Registry System. Sponsorship of a registration may be changed at the express direction of the Registrant or, in the event a registrar loses Accreditation, in accordance with then-current LBDR Policies. “Sponsorship” and “Sponsoring” shall be construed accordingly.


means a query-response protocol that is used for querying Domain Name database(s) that store the Registered Names’ information as defined in RFC 3912 and other RFCs.