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    We run the .lb ccTLD since 1993 for the benefit of the Lebanese Internet community and Internet ecosystem.

    Notice that the LBDR does NOT host name servers, to add or update web server "www", mail server "MX", hosts "IP", or special "TXT" records you need to contact your Registrar.

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    2022/07/25 - The LBDR finalized and closed the migration process.


    2022/03/01 - The LBDR completed Phase III of the migration process and published the final migration statistics under Registrars/Migration Progress


    2021/08/16 - The LBDR opened the application for new Lebanese resident service providers interesting in becoming .lb accredited registrars "Accreditation Requirements".


    2021/02/12 - To identify your domain's Registrar visit "View my domain info".


    2021/02/09 - The LBDR published its updated Policies and Procedure


    2021/02/08 - The LBDR migrated fully and is live on the new system.