• I want to register a new domain name what should I do?

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    If you want to build a new website and/or if you want to create a personalized email address and Internet presence then you need a new domain name.

    To register a new domain name under com.lb, org.lb, edu.lb, net.lb or gov.lb you need to follow the steps described below:

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    Step 1 - Choose a domain name

    1.0 Choose a domain name that represents well your brand or requirements

    1.1 identify the zone that you are eligible to register under based on the legal status of your organization.

    1.2 search LBDR WHOIS to make sure that the selected domain name is available for registration under the zone that you are eligible to register under and not already registered by a third party.

    1.3 conduct due diligence to make sure that the selected name does not infringe on others rights, such as checking if the name is not a well-known-tardemark or not trademarked in Lebanon - MOET IPP Trademark Search.

    1.4 review the LBDR Domain Name Registration Policy & procedures as you will be asked to agree to the policy and accept to abide by its terms.

    1.5 If the domain name that you selected is available for registration and you agree to the domain name registration policy and terms then proceed to step-2.0 "Select a Registrar", otherwise go back to step-1.0 "Choose a domain name".

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    Step 2 - Select a Registrar

    2.0 ||| Find an Accredited Registrar.

    2.1 ||| compare the domain registration services, prices, local support, added value services on the Registrars.

    2.2 ||| check the Registrar's references.

    2.3 ||| review the Registrar's domain name registration policies and their contractual agreement terms.

    2.4 ||| select and retain the services of a Registrar.

    2.5 ||| proceed to step-3 "Register the domain name via the Registrar"

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    Step 3 - Register the domain name via the Registrar

    3.0 complete an LBDR Domain Name Request & Agreement (LBDR-A) form to request from the selected Registrar to register on your behalf the domain name under your entity eligible zone.

    3.1 provide the Registrar with copies of the supporting documents required to register under that zone

    3.2 the Registrar will request the domain on your behalf on the LBDR Registration System, specifies the authoritative name servers and registration allocation period and pays the fees. (for domains requested under gov.lb the Registrar should email copies of the LBDR-A and supporting documents to govlbdr@omsar.gov.lb).

    3.3 the Registry System will email the Domain Activation Notice to the Registrant requesting from her/him to validate the information and accept the LBDR policy terms. (for domains requested under gov.lb the approver at OMSAR will receive the notice to validate the request).

    3.4 Registrant validates the data and agrees to the policy terms online

    3.5   the domain name is registered.allocated to be lawfully used by your organization over the Internet.

    The domain name is allocated to the Registrant Organization to be lawfully used over the Internet for the duration of the requested "Registration Allocation Period". If delegated (the Registrar provided authoritative primary and secondary servers) then the domain will be published in the zone within one hour from the time step 3.4 was successfully completed.