• Registrar Accreditation Requirements and Process

    Step 1: Express of Interest

    An organization that sells domain names to the public “registrants” and interested in becoming an accredited LBDR Registrar can initiate the application process by:

    1- Downloading and reviewing the "Registrar Accreditation Requirements and Procedures" guide (LBDR-ARP)

    2- Downloading and reviewing the “Registrar Accreditation Agreement (LBDR-RRA)”

    3- If the applicant's self assessment meets or exceed the minimum accreditation requirements then the applicant is invited to express interest in becoming an LBDR accredited registrar by emailing admin@lbdr.org.lb and provide a short summary of the organization. The Expression of interest should be initiated by an official representative of the applying organization and should include the following contact details:

    ----Organization Name

    ----Organization Full Address

    ----Official Representative Full Name

    ----Official Representative Title

    ----Official Representative Email


    The LBDR will review the expression of interest and invite the applicant to complete an online "Accredited Registrar Application and Warranty"

    Step 2: Application

    The applicant should complete the the online "Accredited Registrar Application and Warranty", attach the required supporting documents, sign and submit the application.


    The LBDR will assess the application, might request additional information, supporting documents, and/or clarifications.


    Should the LBDR decide to grant accreditation (provisional accreditation), the LBDR will prepare the "Registry-Registrar Agreement (LBDR-RRA)" and forward it for the applicant to sign.


    Otherwise, should the LBDR decide not to grant Accreditation, the LBDR will provide the reasons as to why the application was rejected.


    Step 3: Provisional Accreditation

    Once Provisional Accreditation has been granted, the Registrar will be allowed access to the Operational Testing Environment (OTE) of the Registry System for testing and training purposes.

    To proceed to full Accreditation, the applicant must pass the operational, Technical Interface, and the Regulatory and Policy tests.


    Step 4: Accreditation

    Once the applicant has passed the tests described above, the LBDR will advise the applicant by email that it has received full Accreditation and will announce that the applicant is an Accredited Registrar and publish its name and contact details on the list of Accredited registrars on the LBDR website under https://www.lbdr.org.lb/lbdr-ar.


  • Download Registrar Accreditation Requirements and Procedures (LBDR-ARP)

  • Download Registry Registrar Agreement (LBDR-RRA) - blank template