• Policy & Procedure Announcements

    Published on February 09, 2021

    Changes to the LBDR Policies and Procedures:

    1. The LBDR changed its operation mode from Registry Centric to a Registry/Registrar Operation Mode. Accordingly, since February 1, 2021, applicants requesting the registration of new domain names under the .lb ccTLD and domain name holder “Registrants”, cannot anymore register and maintain the domain name registrations directly via the registry they will have to register via LBDR Accredited Registrars (LBDR-AR) or Registrars that are in the pre-accreditation phase.


    2. The LBDR services were provided to the benefit of the Lebanese Internet community completely free of charge since the LBDR was established in 1993 and until now. Unfortunately, the LBDR cannot continue to offer its services free of charge. The LBDR will starting February 01, 2021 charge the Registrars registration and yearly renewal fees to cover its operation expenses.

    3. The LBDR Registration System, DNS infrastructure and online servers are hosted on industry specific cloud infrastructures and charged in USD. Until now, the LBDR failed to reach to a solution with its bank and the Central Bank to treat the LBDR services as critical Internet infrastructure services. The consequence of that is that the LBDR is not eligible to benefit from the official exchange rate and the fees should be collected from the Registrars in USD.


    4. It is anticipated that the Registrars will pass the charges to their clients (applicants and registrants) in USD. Registrars will also charge their clients for their services.


    5. In compliance with law 81/2018 clauses 81, 82, 83 and 84, the domain name requester/Registrant is fully responsible for registered name, and the Registry and Registrars do not hold any responsibility and are not parties in domain name disputes. Consequently, the registration of a domain name does NOT require a trademark certificate anymore. On the other hand, the LBDR will continue to protect domain names registered before 01/02/2021 based on a Lebanese Trademark under class 35 (Internet domain). The meaning of that, is that the LBDR will not permit the transfer or registration of such domain names to third parties unless if the domain expired and was parked for 365 calendar days from the domain registration expiry date.


    6. The LBDR was unique at the second level domain (SLD). The LBDR dropped the SLD uniqueness restriction. Domain name requesters can register the same domain name under many .lb ccTLD SLD zones if they fulfill the zone requirements and do not infringing on the name rights of others.


    7. The Registrars will manage the collection, filing and archival of the “LBDR Domain Name Request & Agreement” (LBDR-A form) and supporting documents. The registrar will be responsible to produce such documents in case they are requested for LBDR compliance audits or by law enforcement or for legal proceedings.


    8. The Registrars will validate and enter the domain name requester data and maintain the domain name data on the LBDR Registration System. The Registrant contact person will be notified via email of critical changes affecting the domain name and it is the Registrant responsibility to report to the Registrar and Registry errors in the information and/or suspected fraudulent or domain hijacking incidents.


    9. Registering under gov.lb is restricted to Registrars that are accredited to register under that zone and the registration follows a special validation procedure and workflow.


    10. The domain name requesters/Registrants should carefully read the “LBDR Domain Name Registration Policy & Procedure” and must agree to the policy and accept to abide by the policy terms to active and or renew the domain name registration.

  • Policy & Procedures

    Applicants, Registrants and Registrars by requesting the registration, registering, and maintaining the registration of a domain name under the LBDR managed .lb ccTLD zones, must agree to the terms and accept to abide by below stated “LBDR Domain Name Registration Policy and Procedures”.
    The Preamble and Appendixes form part of this policy and shall have the same force and effect as if set out in the body of the policy. Please read carefully the policy and procedures and if you need any clarifications email your inquiry to info@lbdr.org.lb with a reference to the section that you are inquiring about.
    Policy ratified on: February 01, 2021
    Last updated on: February 09, 2021 (Summary of updates)

  • Download the "LBDR Domain Name Registration Policy and Procedure - 20210209" - PDF format.

  • Appendix B

    Registrants should download the "Domain Registration Request & Agreement" (LBDR-A) form, complete it, sign it and forward it to their Registrars.

  • The following diagram illustrates the LBDR Domain Name Life Cycle:

  • Appendix D

    LBDR Zones and Requirements

    List of LBDR managed zones and their requirements Effective February 01, 2021

    To register a domain name under one or more of the LBDR managed zones, the requester should provide proof that the requesting organization that he represents fulfills the zone’s requirements and that she/he is the official representative of the requesting organization.


    The requester/Registrant should provide his domain name Registrar with the required supporting documents. The registry in some special circumstances might also request, directly or via the Registrar, from the requester/Registrant to provide revised version of the documents or additional supporting documents, such as power of attorney, proof of postal address and valid Lebanese ID or Passport.

    The requirements for eligibility to register under each of the zones are listed below:

    Zone ||| Eligibility Requirements to register under the zone.

    com.lb ||| the applicant should be a legally registered business entity and should submit the LBDR-A form, a current Commercial Circular, or Trademark certificate, or Private Practice registration documents.

    org.lb ||| the applicant should be a legal registered non-for-profit organization and should submit the LBDR-A form, an Attestation from the Ministry of Interior listing the current Board members.

    edu.lb ||| the applicant should be a legal registered education entity and should submit the LBDR-A form, an Attestation from the Ministry of Education proving the appointment of the current Educational Institution Principle/Director.

    net.lb ||| the applicant should be a legal registered Internet Service Provider and should submit the LBDR-A form, a Current Commercial Circular and the Internet Service Provider License issued by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication.

    gov.lb ||| the applicant should be a Lebanese Governmental Organization and should submit the LBDR-A form, the Decree of Appointment of Minister and/or Director General of the Governmental Organization. Notice that the Registrar will forward copies of the application and supporting documents to govlbdr@omsar.gov.lb - Office of the Minister for Administrative Reform (OMSAR).


  • Appendix F

    Domain Name Registration Attestation