• Find an Accredited Registrar

    To register and maintain a domain name under the .lb ccTLD you need to do that via an LBDR Accredited Registrar.


    List of LBDR Accredited Registrars


    Why do you need an LBDR Accredited Registrar?

    An LBDR Accredited Registrar (Registrar) is a service provider, that works with the LBDR Registry (Registry) to sell domain names under the “.lb” zones to the public, being domain name requesters/Registrants.


    When you start the process of registering a domain name you must contact a domain name Registrar. The Registrar will help you through the domain name registration process and maintains the registered domain on your behalf from there on. All the Registrars that are listed by the Registry as LBDR Accredited Registrar have a contract agreement with the Registry.


    As a domain name requester/Registrant must be a customer of a domain name Registrar to register a domain name; you cannot register directly with the Registry. All updates, follow up, and payments related to the domain name are done via your selected Registrar.

    What can you expect from your Registrar?

    The Registrar will register on your behalf the domain name you requested, and they will help you renew the domain name registration and update the domain name information, such as changing name servers, and updating the contact information.


    The LBDR requires that Registrars have adequate administrative and technical skills in what relates to domain name administration and maintenance. Registrars must complete the accreditation requirements before they are approved as LBDR Accredited Registrars and be able to sell domain names under the .lb zones.


    Most Registrars offer various services associated with your domain name, including Internet connectivity, web hosting, e-mail and website building tools. The LBDR accreditation is limited to the registration and administration of your registered domain name under the .lb zones.

    How to choose a Registrar?

    The LBDR cannot recommend one Register over the others.


    You can choose any Registrar from the list of Accredited Registrars that the Registry maintain and publish publicly on its website https://www.lbdr.org.lb/lbdr-ar.


    The list of Registrars is ordered alphabetically and does not infer any preferences. It provides the contact information of the Registrar and domain name related services offered by the registrar.


    The LBDR recommends that before you decide on retaining the services of a Registrar, you should check references and compare the services and prices of several Registrars. Also, review the contractual terms and agreements and make sure that you are clear on what is included in the offer/price. You should also check whether the Registrar offers online self services such as a web portal for Registrants to access their domains, check their status, update the domain information and renew the domain registration.

    What does a domain name registration cost?

    The domain name Registrar pays to the register domain registration, annual renewal, transfer and restore fees based on a predetermined schedule of fees. The Registry might review its schedule of fees periodically and publish the revised schedule on its website.


    The LBDR Registration System, DNS infrastructure and online servers are hosted on industry specific cloud infrastructures and charged in USD. Until now, the LBDR failed to reach to a solution with its bank and the Central Bank to treat the LBDR services as critical Internet infrastructure services. The consequence of that is that the LBDR is not eligible to benefit from the official exchange rate and the fees should be collected from the Registrars in USD.


    It is anticipated that the Registrars will pass the charges to their clients (applicants and registrants) in USD. In addition, Registrars will also charge their clients for their services. So, you will have to pay your Registrar for his part of the domain name registration job and for any purchased additional services.


    The Registrars have different pricing models, and some might have special offers for domain name registrations that might be lower than the published Registry’s fees. Other might include the domain registration as part of their web hosting or other services.

    In summary, shop carefully and select the Registrar that serves better your needs.


    List of LBDR Accredited Registrars